Preparing  the Next Generation of American Muslims.

Our Ummah has strength in its diversity. We, the founders of Hummingbird, represent that diversity. We bring to this project the adapted work of Imam Al-Ghazali, experience in education pedagogy, real-life experience in natural environment training, knowledge of Quranic Arabic, knowledge of Seerah, relevant field excursions, teaching experience, and a work ethic coupled with a passion for teaching others. Allah tells us to save our family. The Ummah of RasulAllah ﷺ  is our family.


We also share a common thread, "we are all mothers" who have witnessed first hand the phenomena called Sunday School with our own and other children as well. We acknowledge the Muslims who, over the years, struggled to establish and maintained Islamic learning environments for our children. We seek to improve on that model, inshaAllah.


All parents know that religious instruction has to meet the needs and developmental stage of the student. And our "mother wit" and experience tells us that the current Sunday school model has to be adjusted to meet the current needs of this age of technology and multidimensional distractions. We are, in fact, competing for our own children.

We will win with Allah's mercy. 

Our approach to Islamic education is holistic: revive our religion, connect with nature, learn the life of our beloved prophet ﷺ  and community service.​

Malak Bokhari

Sarahjameela Martin

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